Automatic Driving Lessons Cardiff -
Automatic Driving Lessons Cardiff –

What are refresher driving lessons?


Refresher driving lessons are a great way of improving your driving skills already learnt. Road Safety is now extremely important and whilst reducing the risk on the road, you can as well boost your confidence behind the wheel.

There are many different reasons why pupils require refresher driving lessons; from requiring additional training to get behind the wheel following an accident. You may require confidence building when driving on a motorway or at night – that’s why our Fully Qualified  instructors are trained to listen to your needs and design and prepare a course suitable for you alone.


Can I specify what I’d like to cover during my refresher lessons?


Most definitely we prefer this type of approach .Our Trained Driving instructors know that there are numerous  reasons drivers of all ages come to Intensive Driving Courses in Cardiff for refresher lessons, 

How long is a driving refresher course?


We usually offer four hours. If you feel you require more then we can accommodate this.  We know from experience that pupils will be nervous, lack of confidence is a common issue, nervous is normal, so you don’t have to worry. What we need to do is listen to your issues and build a course that deals with your concerns.

Refresher Driving Lessons


If you think about what it is like in your workplace, once you are trained to do a certain job, you continuously a re-assed and get ongoing training. Taking Refresher Lessons is the same.

There is an increasing awareness over the last 5 years, who have held a licence for a number of years, that are realise they would benefit from further tuition and take a refresher course.

They want to improve their skills on these ever changing roads and reduce motoring costs by driving differently than they were before taking Refresher Driving Lessons.

Many have issues with fast speeds and Motorway and Dual carriageways are at the top of the list.

Many people before didn’t need to rely on cars, due to good public transport and things change, so  they then realise Refresher Driving Lessons will give them more confidence. 

Refresher lessons are only available to full UK driving licence holders or the equivalent foreign licence 

What sort of person needs a Refresher Course?


Pupils who have previously had accidents or been involved as a passenger. Nervous and anxious people, elderly drivers, or if you haven’t driven for a long time, maybe you haven’t

needed to drive. Automatic cars are now widely available, and a Refresher Lessons are great for if you are changing from an automatic car to a manual car. Pupils from other countries or who have an international licence and want to get a better grasp and understanding of the rules and driving standards in the UK. It is forgotten by many that the UK has the highest standard in the World when it comes to taking a driving test.


Will a Refresher Course save me money?

Most definitely it will, over time. Driving in a defensive way will Driving safely and efficiently actually saves you money by reducing wear and tear on the car which bad driving habits can lead to. By changing the way you drive you can  help reduce your Carbon footprint and  get the best from it including Eco-Driving to save fuel and reduce emissions.