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12 Hour  Auto  Driving Lessons Cardiff 

For pupils that have nearly completed their Driving Lessons or near to Test standard. Or that have arrived from other countries..


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            18 Hours  Driving Auto        Lessons Cardiff                                      

Perfect for  Beginners and Pupils who have 15-20 Hours under their belt 


  • Manual  Driving Lessons £740

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Refresher Auto  Driving Lessons Cardiff

For those pupils who have previously passed their UK driving test


  • Automatic Driving Lessons £180

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The different types of automatic gearboxes


Automatic gearboxes are a car’s best friend.

A transmission, or more specifically an automatic transmission, is what connects the engine with your wheels to make sure that you always have power when needed and can accelerate from 0-60 in about 5 seconds flat! There are many different types of these transmissions but they all perform one thing: changing gears for you without having to use your foot on the clutch pedal.

 The automatic gearbox is a life-saver for the everyday commuter who just wants to get from A to B with minimal fuss. There are many different types, but all basically do the same thing: they change gears automatically when you don’t need it so that your car responds quickly and efficiently.


Can I drive a manual with an automatic driving license?


No. If you have an automatic driving license, then it restricts the range of cars that you can only be able to drive and not all people find learning how to shift gears difficult or time-consuming as they are used to having their car do everything for them like accelerating out of turns on its own.


How many automatic driving lessons does it take to drive an automatic?


The number of automatic driving lessons you’ll need to pass your automatic driving test will vary depending on how quick a learner you are. A fast learner with exceptional memory retention, for example, might only take 20 hours in the car while someone who is slower at learning and remembering information may require 45 hours or more!

Of course, there’s no harm in investing extra time into getting yourself prepared by taking as many lessons as necessary until it feels comfortable enough that passing the exam becomes just another part of life – something we’re all geared up for. Your Driving Instructor will guide you on how many hours you will need to get to Driving Test Standard.


Are automatic driving lessons more expensive?


Automatic driving lessons are more expensive than manual ones, as the cost of insuring an automatic car is around 43% higher due to their generally high repair costs. This amount jumps 11%, even when you’re just looking at auto versions on a similar vehicle with manually operated gears.

The use of automatic gear is one way to make your driving experience a more enjoyable one. The shifting and clutch mechanism on an automatic car is very different from that of a manual transmission, which can be daunting for some drivers.

Do you pass quicker in an automatic?

This might be the case if your car is a manual. The slow process of going through the gears can make it difficult to keep up with traffic on busy highways, but there are some who say that shifting gears has benefits for performance and fuel economy. If you’re wondering what’s best for your driving style, consider these factors before deciding.

Are you someone who likes to stay active while driving? Manuals will require more arm strength and could also help calm nerves during stressful situations like rush hour traffic or highway construction zones. -Do you often find yourself frustrated when looking for parking spots because they’re scarce or too small? Having a manual transmission can help get into smaller spaces as in between parked vehicles.

The driving test is a test of skill and keeping your nerve. In our experience, yes you can pass quicker in an automatic, of course, this also depends on the pupil, as no two pupils are the same.

What factors affect the price of an automatic driving lesson

The price of an automatic driving lesson is affected by three key factors: the cost for a manual, how many hours there are in each session, and what level you’re at. The cost of an auto-driving course can vary depending on whether or you are situated in a rural area or in a City.

Can you take driving lessons in an automatic car?

If you have an automatic license, then it restricts the range of cars that you can only be able to drive an automatic car and not all people find learning how to shift gears difficult or time-consuming as they are used to having their car do everything for them like accelerating out of turns on its own

How to drive an automatic

With an automatic gearbox, the confusion comes when starting and stopping.

When you get into a car with an automatic transmission it should be left in “park.” Put your right foot on the left-hand pedal (the brake) push down and startup using the key or button inside of your vehicle.

Once started move to first by pushing gently on paddle shifter for gears 1 through 7 until reaching ‘1’ then release pressure from pedals. You can also use this method while stopped at red lights but don’t forget to put your feet back onto both brakes once released!


The joy of driving an automatic is that, once you get the hang of it, there’s nothing to worry about because it does all the work for you. Once in your car and key in starting position (or button), press on both pedals at the same time with your left foot down on the brake first.

Then right away starts up while still pressing hard. As soon as the engine turns over remove pressure from the pedal slowly so the vehicle doesn’t jerk forward or backward releasing a little until set into gear and release entirely when ready…then continue cruising!

Best small automatic cars 2021

Mini hatchback Cooper Sport 5dr auto

The Mini hatchback has many great features, such as rear space and a bigger boot. The five-door model which is much more spacious than the three-door one solves its flaws while retaining its charm

Auto manufacturers can create cars that are both fuel-efficient and good for the environment by using better technology in their engines to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. These changes will lead to cleaner air quality with less harmful gases being released into our atmosphere

While auto companies improve engine technology they must also focus on creating greener automobiles. If these efforts succeed, we may soon see major improvements in clean air across all parts of America and United Kingdom

Renault Clio 1.3 TCe 130 S Edition EDC

The Clio 1.3 TCe 130 is a great pick for those who want to save time on changing gears, all while enjoying the powerful engine and luscious interior of this small car!

The new Renault Clio offers drivers an automatic gearbox as standard equipment in order to make shifting easier than ever before. The sleek exterior design combined with its comfortable seating makes it ideal for traveling around town or taking down long road trips at high speeds without any hassle.

Because you’re able to focus more on other things rather than constantly checking your speedometer since there’s no need any more thanks to the bright LED lights that are easy-to-read even during night driving conditions when visibility could be poor depending on where one lives geographically especially if they live somewhere like USA or Uk.

Hyundai i10 1.2 Premium auto

The Hyundai i10 is a small automatic car with the sprightly performance and standard features. It has an output tone of voice that should be professional.

The best small, automatic cars for 2021 are the Hyundai I10 1.2 Premium Auto, Mazda 2 Sport Nav+ Automatic Petrol Hatchback, or Renault Clio dCi 90 Dynamique TomTom 5dr [Euro6]. The first option includes air-con, front electric windows as well as six airbags – making it one of the safest options on this list.

All three feature automatic transmission systems which make them easier to use in heavy traffic situations because you do not have to control gears manually though some people may prefer manual transmissions due to more individualized driving experiences included along with having to play with the gears

Kia Picanto 1.25 3 auto

The Kia Picanto is an excellent city car whether you opt for the automatic or manual version. It has a roomy interior, handles well, and comes with an industry-leading seven-year warranty

Best small cars are vehicles that provide seriously cheap motoring while not compromising on space/quality/driving manners.

The best of these types of vehicle is the Kia Picanto which can handle driving conditions well, have good inside space, and come with 7 years warranty from the manufacturer–which outclasses most other brands in this category.

Prices in Cardiff

Driving Lesson Prices & Offers and Package Deals in Cardiff: At Intensive Driving Courses Cardiff, we have found the ‘sweet spot’ for lessons is 2-4 Hour sessions. After 30 years in the Driving school business, we know what works. We need to maximise the learning curve, but at the same time do not want to overload the pupil. And are and do tailor this to suit the pupil. Our motto is one glove does not fit all. We need to spend the pupil’s money wisely and are very mindful of this. A lot of Driving schools offer one-hour lessons and whilst you do pay a lower price, it will take you much longer to learn to drive. One hour a week, work out the maths. When you are doing due diligence for Driving Lessons in Cardiff, factor this in when you are making your decisions for Driving Lessons in Cardiff.
That is a good question. There is no specific minimum amount of Automatic Driving Lessons that you need to take before the automatic driving test. The DVSA states that the average learner with average ability in the UK takes 47 hours of lessons before passing their driving test. Having said that, this does not apply to the automatic car driving lessons, as you will not require as many. You could find yourself taking as few as 20-30 hours of lessons
You are paying for the Driving Instructors time, so the answer is no. You also have to factor the Health and Safety of both instructor and pupil. A Driving school vehicle will have dual controls, whilst your own vehicle will not
There can sometimes be benefits of taking Driving lessons in your own vehicle. However, your lessons will be definitely safer in the instructor’s car due to the dual controls and the instructor will know the capabilities of his training vehicle rather than your own vehicle. A duty of care is of paramount importance here. As a training vehicle which is used by the Driving Instructor, he will know exactly the feel of the controls in their own vehicle. Teaching the will often have reference markers to help the learner driver. All of these reference markers which have been used by you at some time or another will likely need to be altered if using the learner’s own car, which may require extra practice and time. If this is one of your non negotiables that you want driving lessons in your own car, you will have find a Driving instructor willing to do this
Regardless of whether your vehicle is manual or automatic, each come with their own advantages and disadvantages. Different pupils have their own point of view and in addition to this, what you see as a benefit will largely depend on the type of driving you do. If you live in a City and find yourself with lots of traffic, constantly changing gear can be hard work, it can also be distracting whilst you are looking out for pedestrians, negotiating around roundabouts, paying attention to traffic lights and of course, making a note of the speed limits. Some of the latest automatic vehicles are also incredibly efficient and can change a gear quicker than you could in a manual vehicle. When it comes to moving away quickly, manual cars will generally be quicker off the mark. You will find yourself having more control over the car in conditions like snow and ice. Manuals are also generally less expensive to buy. They are also less to insure as well. The expense of automatic cars can also be mirrored in the cost of repairs and servicing for the same reasons


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