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Driving School in Cardiff


In order to take a UK practical driving test you must have a valid theory pass certificate. Theory pass certificates are valid for two years. The problem is that a lot of people misplace their theory pass certificate and they not actually hundred percent sure of when they expire or they do not know the certificate number.


Normally these people could phone the DVSA and they will tell them. Unfortunately due to the Covid-19 the DVSA phone numbers are not working at the moment. There is a very easy way for you to find out exactly when you took your theory test and whether it’s still valid or not.

If your theory test if expiring within the next two to three months, you can still take another theory test. You do not have to wait until it expires as the driving test centres are closed until the 20th of June.

So I’m now going to show you how to check your theory test certificate number. So in order to find your theory test number and find out whether it’s valid or not and when it expires, the first thing you want to do is find the relevant website.

We just go on Google or your web browser and type in lost Theory’s test Certificate and you’ll get various sites. Make sure you visit GOV.UK and no other site. Here it isGOV.UK find your lost theory past certificate number.

It’s quite an easy process. You have to enter your full name, your driving license number and your date of birth exactly like the way it appears on your licence. I’m just going to enter my details and login.

Now here we are. so Check pass certificate ok –it so that’s the the certificate number, that’s my certificate number. Now that’s obviously expired. it expired on the 16th of September 2011, and that certificate was for LGV, large goods vehicles.

The results were test passed on that. That’s the information you need. So you’ve got the certificate number you’ve got the expiry date and if you click on the relevant test it has got more details.

It’s got the date you took the test, the time you took the test the order number etc. Well, I hope you found that useful.

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