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    Driving Lessons Cardiff Prices


    Take Driving Lessons in Cardiff. We can offer Intensive Driving Courses in Cardiff and surrounding areas. 

    Driving is a life long skill and we do not just teach you how to pass a driving test, but how to Drive for Life.

    For Those that Want to  Learn to Drive FAST  –  IS THIS YOU!


    Driving Lessons Cardiff Prices.  We offer Crash  Driving Courses in Cardiff and other areas in South Wales,  for those Learning to Drive in Cardiff that wants to pass quickly. We offer all types of Driving Courses. Learning to Drive in Cardiff Wales whilst you are doing your studies will save you time.

    Intensive Driving Courses Cardiff offers flexibility in the way our Courses are structured, there is no need to take time off work or use your Holidays up. Most other Crash Driving Courses require you to take a week or so off work, whereas we do not.

    Driving Lessons in Cardiff

    Crash Driving Courses Cardiff only uses Local Driving Instructors who are from the area. We have local Female Driving instructors and also Male Instructors.

    Automatic Driving Lessons in Cardiff with a Female are also offered. Each Crash Driving Course in Cardiff is tailored to suit your own individual requirements, no time off work is required.  One to one Driving Instructor are used, we do not have more than one pupil in the vehicle.

    Our vehicles are all Dual controlled for your safety and the Instructors. Our Intensive Driving Courses offer you life-long skills, we do not simply get you to Pass Your Driving Test, will offer you lifelong skills and keep you safe.

    Intensive Driving Courses Cardiff 

    Pupils who come from other countries want to get used to Driving in Cardiff. We offer Refresher lessons, and for those that have passed and want to learn some new skills, or have not driven for a while.

    Intensive Driving Courses Cardiff

    We also have other Driving  Courses that are available.


    12 Hour  Driving Lessons Cardiff 

    For pupils that have nearly completed their Driving Lessons or near to Test standard. Or that have arrived from other countries..


       Automatic  Driving Lessons £525  Call Us

    Mini Starter Course

      18 Hours  Driving Lessons 


    Perfect for  Beginners and Pupils who have 15-20 Hours under their belt 


    •    Automatic Driving Lessons £735 

    Call Us

    Refresher  Driving Lessons Cardiff

    For those pupils who have previously passed their UK driving test


    •     Automatic  Driving Lessons £190

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