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Our Driving School  can offer Intensive Driving Courses in Cardiff and surrounding areas . All abilities and standard welcome.
For Those that Want to Pass Quickly –  DRIVING LESSONS NEAR YOU


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    Our Driving School in Cardiff have been Giving Driving Lessons for over 30 years now and Know what works and we just do it. We are a local Driving School in Cardiff


    Intensive Driving Courses Cardiff can teach Manual and Automatic Driving Lessons in Cardiff and surrounding areas.

    You do not need to have passed Your Theory before Starting The Course. Saves considerable time if you don’t.


    Why not take a Intensive Driving Course in Cardiff  or  Newport. We have available both Male and  Female Driving Instructors. We can offer you an Intensive Driving Course.

    We teach Manual Driving Lessons and Automatic Driving Lessons

    Male Driving Instructors  and Female Driving  Instructors.

    Cardiff Newport and the Valleys

    We can offer you an Intensive Driving Course in Cardiff 



    If you want to pass quickly then Intensive Driving Course will be just down your street. Imagine not having to go out every week for one year to carry out your  Driving Lessons in Cardiff. 

    Some pupils find it very difficult to fit this in around their busy lifestyle and others find it hard to retain the information from one week to another. Taking a course like this is the quickest way to learn without a doubt. 

    All our Driving Instructors are DVSA

    Approved and are Fully Qualified. They display a Green badge. 


    We provide Free Theory Training

    One to one driving with an instructor and there will be no car sharing. 

    We all live in a busy and fast-paced world and taking Driving lessons week after week does not suit those individuals, they simply need to do a Crash Driving Course rapidly and we can easily provide you with this.


    Short Driving Courses for one/ two days, a one-week driving course, and courses over 1-3  weeks.

    Generally speaking, taking an Intensive Driving Course can work out less expensive as you will retain the information from your previous lessons much better as  your Driving Lessons will be closer together

    Learn to Drive in Cardiff 

    Cardiff City of Wales

    Intensive Driving Courses Cardiff is situated inCardiff City of Wales. This  has so much to offer a Learner Driver and passing Your Driving Test in the City of Cardiff if you are visiting or at Cardiff University or living here is no better place.

    Cardiff is the home of Wales Millennium Centre, Cardiff Castle, Museum of Cardiff and the famous Bute Park. Let us not forget the iconic Principality Stadium. 

     The Driving Test Centre  is situated in Thornbury House, Unit 11, Lambourne Crescent, Cardiff Business Park, Cyncoed, Cardiff, CF14 5GF.

    The DVSA Theory test Centre is located at The Third Floor, Limerick House, 23 Churchill Way, Cardiff, South Glamorgan,  CF10 2HE.



    12 Hour  Driving Lessons Cardiff 

    For pupils that have nearly completed their Driving Lessons or near to Test standard. Or that have arrived from other countries..


    • Automatic Driving Lessons £550  Call Us

                18 Hours  Driving     Lessons Cardiff                                      

    Perfect for  Beginners and Pupils who have 15-20 Hours under their belt 


    • Automatic Driving Lessons £770

    Call Us

    Refresher  Driving Lessons Cardiff

    For those pupils who have not been driving for a while and from other countries to get used to our  Roads


    • Automatic Driving Lessons £200

    Call Us


    Why not give us a call and have a chat about what Driving Lesson  Course is best suitable for you. We are not a Call Centre and do not follow a script!

    Take your Driving Lessons in Cardiff.  We can offer Intensive Driving Courses. We have Female Driving Instructors for both Manual and Automatic for those that do not want to have the task of learning the gears.



    Crash Driving Courses Cardiff
    Intensive  Driving Courses Cardiff

    Are you ready to Get Started with your Driving Lessons?

    Why not Give us a call and have a chat. We will listen and advise on your best course of action as to which course is most suitable for you.



     I decided to go for an Intensive Driving Course. A few of my friends had also gone to this Driving school in Cardiff.

    I am now glad I went ahead with this and can recommend them highly.

    Karen Meyrick

    Been Driving in another country and used an International driving license. Swopped to a Uk license and needed a British Automatic Licence. Did Course over a week. 

    Hussain Ali





    Are you wanting to Learn to Drive in Cardiff? We also offer Intensive Driving Courses in Cardiff and surrounding areas. All our Driving Instructors in Cardiff are Fully Qualified and will display a Green Badge and Are approved by the DVSA.

    We are extremely passionate about what we do.

       We have a Driving Instructor Near You

    Automatic Driving Lessons

    How much are driving lessons in Cardiff

    Driving Lesson Cardiff Prices & Offers and Package Deals in Cardiff: At Intensive Driving Courses Cardiff, we have found the ‘sweet spot’ for lessons is 2-4 Hour sessions. After 30 years in the Driving school business, we know what works. We need to maximise the learning curve, but at the same time do not want to overload the pupil. And are and do tailor this to suit the pupil. Our motto is one glove does not fit all. We need to spend the pupil’s money wisely and are very mindful of this. A lot of Driving schools offer one-hour lessons and whilst you do pay a lower price, it will take you much longer to learn to drive. One hour a week, work out the maths. When you are doing due diligence for Automatic Driving Lessons in Cardiff, factor this in when you are making your decisions for Driving Lessons in Cardiff.


    Is 20 Driving Lessons enough?


    The average person with average ability might need about 44 hours of professional lessons in order to prepare for the practical part of their exam. By doing a semi Intensive Driving Course this will be reduced, due to the overall time to cover those number of required Driving hours. Information obtained from the DVSA



    How many lessons does it take to learn to drive an automatic

    There is no specific minimum amount of Automatic Driving Lessons that you need to take before the automatic driving test. You could find yourself taking as few as 20-30 hours of driving lessons. The DVSA states that the average learner with average ability in the UK takes 47 hours of lessons before passing their driving test. Having said that, this does not apply to the automatic car driving lessons, as you will not require as many. 

    Are Driving Lessons cheaper in your own car?

    You are paying for the Driving Instructors time, so the answer is no. You also have to factor in the Health and Safety of both instructor and pupil. A Driving school vehicle will have dual controls, whilst your own vehicle will not

    Should I Take Driving Lessons in my own Car?

    There can sometimes be benefits of taking Driving lessons in your own vehicle. However, your lessons will be definitely safer in the instructor’s car due to the dual controls and the instructor will know the capabilities of his training vehicle rather than your own vehicle. A duty of care is of paramount importance here. As a training vehicle that is used by the Driving Instructor, he will know exactly the feel of the controls in their own vehicle. Teaching will often have reference markers to help the learner driver. All of these reference markers which have been used by you at some time or another will likely need to be altered if using the learner’s own car, which may require extra practice and time. If this is one of your non-negotiables that you want driving lessons in your own car, you will have to find a Driving instructor willing to do this.  We have to maintain safety for both instructor and driver.

    Is driving an automatic easy

    Regardless of whether your vehicle is manual or automatic, each come with their own advantages and disadvantages. Different pupils have their own point of view and in addition to this, what you see as a benefit will largely depend on the type of driving you are doing. If you live in a city and find yourself with lots of traffic, constantly changing gear can be hard work, it can also be distracting whilst you are looking out for pedestrians, negotiating around roundabouts, paying attention to traffic lights and of course, making a note of the speed limits.

    Some of the latest automatic vehicles are also incredibly efficient and can change gear quicker than you could in a manual vehicle. When it comes to moving away quickly, manual cars will generally be quicker off the mark. You will find yourself having more control over the car in conditions like snow and ice. Manuals are also generally less expensive to buy. They are also less to insure as well. The expense of automatic cars can also be mirrored in the cost of repairs and services for the same reasons


    Intensive  Driving Courses in Cardiff can offer an Intensive Driving Course for those that want to pass quickly and have their  Driving Lessons in  Cardiff. We offer all types of Driving Courses for all abilities In the Cardiff area.

    We are very flexible in our approach for Intensive Driving Courses There is no need to take time off work or use your Holidays up. Taking  Driving Lessons in Cardiff can then get you a better position in the workforce.  We consider that hourly Driving Lessons do no longer work, you will spend more money in the long run.

    Our Driving Courses offer a minimum of 2-hour sessions, the last thing we want to do is overload the pupil without overloading them. We also offer Automatic Driving Lessons in an Automatic Vehicle which has the advantage of no longer having to deal with gear changing. You will only be allowed to drive an automatic vehicle. What a lot of pupils do is pass their Driving Test in an Automatic vehicle and later on change this to manual.


    What are refresher driving lessons?


    Refresher driving lessons are a great way of improving your driving skills already learnt. Road Safety is now extremely important and whilst reducing the risk on the road, you can as well boost your confidence behind the wheel.

    There are many different reasons why pupils require refresher driving lessons; from requiring additional training to get behind the wheel following an accident. You may require confidence-building when driving on a motorway or at night – that’s why our Fully Qualified instructors are trained to listen to your needs and design and prepare a course suitable for you alone.


    Can I specify what I’d like to cover during my refresher lessons?


    Most definitely we prefer this type of approach. Our Trained Driving instructors know that there are numerous  reasons drivers of all ages come to Intensive Driving Courses in Cardiff for refresher lessons, 

    How long is a driving refresher course?


    We usually offer four hours. If you feel you require more then we can accommodate this.  We know from experience that pupils will be nervous, lack of confidence is a common issue, nervous is normal, so you don’t have to worry. What we need to do is listen to your issues and build a course that deals with your concerns.

    Refresher Driving Lessons


    If you think about what it is like in your workplace, once you are trained to do a certain job, you continuously are-assed and get ongoing training. Taking Refresher Lessons is the same.

    There is an increasing awareness over the last 5 years, who have held a licence for a number of years, that are realise they would benefit from further tuition and take a refresher course.

    They want to improve their skills on these ever-changing roads and reduce motoring costs by driving differently than they were before taking Refresher Driving Lessons.

    Many have issues with fast speeds and Motorway and Dual carriageways are at the top of the list.

    Many people before didn’t need to rely on cars, due to good public transport and things change, so they then realise Refresher Driving Lessons will give them more confidence. 

    Refresher lessons are only available for those who have a Full UK driving licence holders or the equivalent foreign licence 

    What sort of person needs a Refresher Course?


    Pupils who have previously had accidents or been involved as a passenger. Nervous and anxious people, elderly drivers, or if you haven’t driven for a long time, maybe you haven’t

    needed to drive. Automatic cars are now widely available, and Refresher Lessons are great if you are changing from an automatic car to a manual car. Pupils from other countries or who have an international licence and want to get a better grasp and understanding of the rules and driving standards in the UK. It is forgotten by many that the UK has the highest standard in the World when it comes to taking a driving test.


    Will a Refresher Course save me money?

    Most definitely it will, over time. Driving in a defensive way will Driving safely and efficiently actually saves you money by reducing wear and tear on the car which bad driving habits can lead to. By changing the way you drive you can help reduce your Carbon footprint and get the best from it including Eco-Driving to save fuel and reduce emissions.

    Intensive Driving Courses Cardiff. We offer Crash  Driving Courses in Cardiff and other areas in South Wales,  for those Learning to Drive in Cardiff that wants to pass quickly. We offer all types of Driving Courses. Learning to Drive in Cardiff Wales whilst you are doing your studies will save you time.

    Intensive Driving Courses Cardiff offer flexibility in the way our Courses are structured, there is no need to take time off work or use your Holidays up. Most other Crash Driving Courses require you to take a week or so off work, whereas we do not.



    Crash Driving Courses Cardiff only use Local Driving Instructors who are from the area. We have local Female Driving instructors and also Male Instructors.

    Automatic Driving Lessons in Cardiff with a Female are also offered. Each Crash Driving Course in Cardiff is tailored to suit your own individual requirements, no time off work is required.  One to one Driving Instructor is used, we do not have more than one pupil in the vehicle.

    Our vehicles are all Dual controlled for your safety and the Instructors. Our Intensive Driving Courses offer you life long skills, we do not simply get you to Pass Your Driving Test, will offer you lifelong skills and keep you safe.



    Firstly suggest you do a Mock Test on the computer, then you will know what you are currently scoring.. Keep a record of this.


    Then go through each section, for example, if you have scored low on Traffic signs spend some time on just doing this.

    Suggest you do your Training in 30-minute sessions. Use a computer for this.


    “47% are failing this exam as they are using a Phone and the App to study.”

    You will do this Test on a computer, with a mouse!.




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